What our clients have to say

"I have been working with Amanda Rocchio since 2019. Over the last four years, her non-judgmental, balanced insight has become invaluable to me. Whether I am in the midst of turmoil (hello, pandemic!) or going through a wonderful time in my life, she keeps me honest about my goals and boundaries, and helps me to grow as a human being. She is accessible, reliable, and compassionate. Without reservation, I would recommend Amanda Rocchio as a wonderful therapist to anyone looking"


"Amanda is wonderful! She has a remarkable ability to connect with patients on a personal level, which makes each session feel like a conversation with a trusted friend. Amanda’s infectious enthusiasm and positive energy create an uplifting atmosphere that instantly puts me at ease. Her genuine interest in my well-being has made me feel valued and cared for throughout my therapeutic journey. Amanda has a rare ability to make even the most challenging topics approachable (which is a testament to her exceptional skill as a therapist). It is truly refreshing to work with someone who combines professionalism with such a vibrant and engaging personality" 


"I recently had the opportunity to start sessions with Amanda, which has been a transformative experience. Amanda is incredibly knowledgeable, compassionate, and patient. She has provided insightful and practical guidance to help me improve my mental well-being. I highly recommend Amanda if you are looking for a therapist in NYC"


"Amanda is an exceptional therapist! Throughout our sessions, Amanda created a safe and nurturing space where I could work through my challenges and emotions without fear of judgment or criticism. Amanda's genuine care and concern for my well-being were palpable. Her ability to listen deeply, understand my needs, and provide tailored guidance and support consistently impressed me"


"I have been seeing Amanda for almost three years now for GAD and Grief counseling. I can honestly say Amanda is not like any other typical NYC therapist. I genuinely enjoy my sessions with Amanda as she is astute and extraordinary perceptive. Amanda is kind, charismatic, and keeps you engaged in every session. I started seeing Amanda after I lost someone very close to me. She helped me process my grief and introduced me to new coping strategies that helped me through some of the darkest days of my life. Amanda’s warmth, patience, and contagious optimism make her the perfect therapist"


"Amanda is an exceptional therapist who has completely transformed my life. I have been seeing Amanda for 3 years and I value every session we have together. Amanda is genuine, attentive, and she is always spot on with her feedback. I am always impressed with her insight and her ability to recall specific events of my life in such great detail.  Amanda is extremely professional, kind, and always takes the time to explain the interventions she uses in her sessions"


"Amanda is a wonderful listener, and an expert at giving advice. I treasure every session we spend together, because after each one, I find myself reflecting on my health and habits. Amanda guides me toward practicing gratitude and self regulating anxious behaviors. I highly recommend her practice to anyone seeking mental health counseling"


"Amanda has been my therapist for 3.5 years. She is knowledgeable, professional, and considerate. I feel comfortable talking to her about my daily life and addressing any issues as they arise (and they definitely do arise). She understands what I am going through and helps to provide a solution. I have seen more than progress since I have started working with Amanda. She has helped me to grow, love and understand myself on a level that I never thought would be possible. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone"


"I have been seeing Amanda for 2.5 years and she has been incredible. I came to her during an incredibly stressful time in my life, suffering anxiety and distress. She has taught me so much about how to manage stresses and get through them. She has been incredibly supportive and helpful – helping me see things in myself and grow into a better person. Cannot recommend her enough"


"Honestly, I spent 2+ years searching for a therapist who I jived with not just from a professional standpoint, but also on a personal/conversational level. Amanda is punctual, available, empathetic, professional, and overall just fantastic. Would recommend her to anybody"


"Amanda is an amazing therapist who has helped me immensely over the last couple of years in dealing with my anxiety. She's extremely understanding, knowledgeable, and dedicated when it comes to my care. She listens closely and helps give me tools and techniques to better understand myself, and how I relate to others. I highly recommend her practice!"


"Amanda has been a really great help since I started going to her. She is very attentive and provides really great feedback. Her encouragement to work on wellness through apps, side writing projects, and other modes have been very helpful. She is a top notch therapist"


"Amanda is the only therapist I've ever connected with. She's extremely responsive, solution-oriented, and supportive. Not only has she helped me work through a huge range of events, but she also takes the time to explain the science/reasoning behind certain practices/techniques. She works with me to ensure I get to the root cause of my issues, not just working on the symptoms (which we do, too!) I cannot recommend her enough"


Welcome To My Practice

It's indisputable that life frequently confronts us with a spectrum of challenges, often manifesting as abrupt changes. These life transitions, even when positive, can catapult us into a state of disarray, leading to stress, bewilderment, and vulnerability. However, equipped with the appropriate tools and mindset, you possess the capacity not only to surmount any adversity but also to evolve into a more authentic and self-assured version of yourself.

As a licensed therapist, my role is to help clients identify their unique pathways in life and uncover the next stages in the process of self-actualization. It is amazing how powerful the human mind is; sometimes, we become so fixated on the way that others perceive us that we lose sight of our life's course and start to mold ourselves to match the labels that others place on us. In such cases, we fail to recognize our self-worth and overlook our ability to control our thoughts and, ultimately, our happiness. 

Embarking on a therapeutic journey can be a liberating initial stride toward rediscovering your true self. Despite certain steps along this path possibly feeling daunting or intimidating, you will be accompanied by a supportive presence, attentively listening, and encouraging you to reach your goal.