Emotional Support Animals

Does the presence of your pet seem to alleviate symptoms of depression or anxiety?Are you contemplating whether your pet could be designated as an Emotional Support Animal (ESA)?An ESA is a companion animal that offers therapeutic benefits to its owner. While the concept of the emotional support animal may seem novel to some, the therapeutic use of animals dates back as early as the 1940s, when The American Red Cross incorporated animals in the recovery process of veterans. Formal investigations into Animal-Assisted Therapy (AAT) commenced in the 1960s when clinicians identified a positive correlation between improved mood, comfort, and social interactions among mentally impaired patients who owned a pet.Presently, AAT is acknowledged as a therapeutic intervention strategy, and the adoption of emotional support animals is on the rise. It's essential to distinguish ESAs from Service Animals, the latter being specifically trained canines tasked with assisting individuals with disabilities in various ways.Although some might argue that ESAs are less crucial or efficacious than Service Animals, those who depend on an ESA would strongly disagree. Individuals suffering from mental health issues can experience considerable alleviation of their depression or anxiety symptoms. A 2018 study by BioMed Central Psychiatry established that pets do offer significant benefits to individuals living with mental health conditions. They not only assist in managing their conditions but also prove invaluable during crises.

So if you …

  • Are suffering from anxiety or depression
  • Have a pet that alleviates the symptoms of your mental illness
  • Rely on your pet for comfort or affection
  • Believe that your pet may qualify as an Emotional Support Animal
  • Would like to have your pet evaluated to become an ESA

Then you may benefit from an Emotional Support Animal screening.

Within the framework of a personalized therapeutic plan, individuals grappling with depression or anxiety may derive considerable emotional sustenance from an ESA. Such a support animal can aid in mitigating symptoms of depression and anxiety by offering comfort and affection and instilling hope and a sense of purpose.If you are contending with depression or anxiety, and the companionship and affection of your pet appear to relieve your symptoms, we encourage you to reach out to us. Our team of licensed mental health professionals is available to conduct a screening to ascertain if you may be eligible for an emotional support animal.